Ice Cream and screaming children

Let's face it , sometimes, I know being a married mom of 6, I can get distracted in the day to day with of course kids none the less.That's why this blog was created.It's a blog / message board /vent station / tip giving / confidant / therapist and's a "I'm not the only one too" site.....Ice cream and screaming children.

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hellllllllooooooooo!!!!!!! and Happy New Year!!!!
I know it's been a while , but here I am. Christmas was a blast with it being our first Christmas in our own home it was very special .My mom came up to see us and stayed until after Christmas was over.My former mom in law and ex husband were up too , just before New Year's Eve.This start of the year has been great!The children are doing soooo well in school and the last day of schjool here is the 4th of June.We have'nt had much of any "real" snow,but that dose'nt stop the school districts from giving out two hour delays for the start of classes here.That at times can become annoying because you just want to send em' off on time , because they're restless waiting for an extra two hours get the bus from the usual time.My New Years finally get my licensce to drive.I'll be 31 and I'm not certified to drive yet.Don't laugh.I feel so old finally getting it.So I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Well here it tis' almost Christmas and now I'm finally blogging again.I hope that everyone's Thanksgiving was a pleseant one.Since my family moved from NY, we had our first Thanksgiving at our new home and it was realy nice.I cooked my first bird and the house is still standing,lol! So now we're just preparing for Christmas.My mom is coming up and so you know how that're literally trying to keep that house in the most tip top shape ever before you mom comes over for the first time.Anyway, between all of the fixin' up our one and a half yr. old had tonsilitis and now our three yr.old has some virus that makes him have a fever of about 101 and up to 104,off and on.My husband and I took him to the ER yesterday and they found not a thing except that it's not at all tonsilitis.He seems better today than yesterday though.Thank God !.So with all that said ,We're still on the hunt for Elmo!WHERE IS THAT TOY!!!!I wish that I had gotten it when I first saw it atToys'rus.Oh well,I can always go the bootleg route and get a very large red sock or socks,draw a face on it and hold it up and laugh behind it.We'll get it together,hopefully.We've got 6 children to buy for..I should've started earlier , like the day after last Christmas.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sorry, I have'nt written in a bit, but we've finally settled into our new digs in Pennsylvannia.This is our first home and it feels really good to see us enjoying each others' company.I guess being cramped up in my mothers' house was a real killer on all of us.Now we've got a ton o' space and loving it!My son Justin is having a bit of an issue with it being so incredibly dark outside.He's really afraid of the dark now.He was'nt before ,but now he's got his little brother in the room with him so maybe over time he'll get used to it.Gabriel is 3 ,that's the one I'm having a time getting over him going to daycare with .Don't worry I've already started looking into playdates with the neighbors children and he'll be interacting with them soon before Thanksgiving.But getting back to everything, The others though are doing great! School for everyone will start tommorrow {except the little one's of course} and they'll make some friends too. I hope that they really enjoy their new school .As I'm writing this my two little ones' Elizabeth and Sarah are watching "Oobi" from Noggin with such intensity, it's not even funny!Now I know we're home...


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Well today's the day that I've decided to look into a daycare for our 3 yr old son Gabriel.It is really tearing me up to have to do that .My husband suggested that maybe I should get a nanny or a house keeper but I know that Gabriel really needs to be with his own peers.He tries so very hard to play around with his older siblings but you know how that goes...they'd rather him not play with them.and I guess it's a reminder for me on how old I am.I'm only 30 but I don't feel it at all.I even look at our two youngest,Elizabeth and Sarah and wonder wher the time went.Sarah is 4 months old and Elizabeth is almost 2.why am I wrestling so much with this? I have no idea hopefully we'll come to some sort of solution.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My husband and I were hoping again to have a romatic evening again ,but the kids are always in the way...aaaagggghhhh!!!.It's like they have some secret meeting all alone in their beds saying things like "Hey, I got a great idea,everytime daddy leans in to kiss mommy,let's cry or say I gotta go potty or something".wwwhhhhyyyy????I don't understand at all. We had it all planned out,candles,cider {only because I can't drink due to me there} lol. and soft music.I Love my husband dearly.I guess we'll always have...whenever?.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

Well as from my last post, Lydia {my oldest daughter} went back to school after her "faux illness".Of course this was Friday that she went back..and why?..Rachel , her sister tells me that she wanted to go to school because it's Friday and it's gym on friday's too.Needless to say I didn't say anything when she came in I just played it off like I was not too bright.Anyway, This weekend was nice ,my husband and I bought a new car that we saw on craigslist for only $1,100.00.It's a Plymoth GrandVoyager, a 93' with 148,000 miles on it."It purrrrs like a kitten" Like my husband says.Why is it that some men ,can point out a car and know exactly what type it is without even reading the "label" on it? I still for the life of me can't do it at all.When the children saw it ,They were so happy!.because now we finally have the room after all this time for all 8 of us.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

You know, children are really something else.I was nursing my wee one a few minutes ago and my 3yr old says "mommy,baby get juice?". and I'm like no it's milk.Little did I know he was talking about himself...{ he's the baby }."Duh!" I'm saying to myself.I must be tired today.Anyway,Lydia my oldest stayed home today because she was complaining of "dizzy spells".And you know I really believed her...until about9:30 or so when she decides to start laughing and joking around with her siblings."So , I thought you were sick,Lydia" I say."I was...before".Mind you she tells me she's dizzy just before the school bus shows up,now the bus leaves and now "I'm fine" ????.Later she expained she was faking so she could stay home.I did'nt even bother getting upset,I bought school to Lydia.I called her school and now I'm waiting for her teacher to email me the assignments for today here for her...suprise Lydia.I guess she'll think again before pulling that stunt again.Does anyone have that problem too, and how did you handle it?